The Fuzz Milkshake IPA

Hang on to your beers, The Fuzz is here! This Milkshake IPA from Bridge Brewing comes in a brown bottle with a modern-looking, orange and black labelled bottle, with a distinct bar code in the shape of a bridge. Very cool.

The first thing we noticed was how Bridge Brewing was not shy about labeling exactly what’s inside the bottle: North Shore water, pale malt, wheat malt, flaked oats, caramel vienna malt, acidulated malt, lactose, magnum hops, citra hops, amarillo hops, peach juice and London ale III yeast.

All that malt is definitely what gives this drinker’s delight that heady, milkshake-like foam that lingers on and on long after the brew is poured. This is a beer that’s heady and knows it. There are even instructions on the bottle:

  1. Pour most of the drink into a glass.
  2. Pick up the bottle to give it a few light swings to pick up the leftover yeast.
  3. Pour the rest into the glass to give an even nicer foam head, and lingering trails of yeast that add beautiful patterns to the liquid.

When it comes to taste, the malt comes through in the beer’s aroma, but its smell is deceptive – the drink is very light on the palette, and its taste is nicely finished with just a hint of peach. This is a beer that’s bold in colour, bold in style, bold in aromas and bold in its desire to impress. But it’s also a beer that promises not to overwhelm its guests, despite the melange of ingredients and flavours within.

As you go deeper into the glass, a lovely patterned lace clings on, that forever-lasting head reminiscent of the foam on top of a milkshake speaks so much of the desire of this beer to show off, to be that beer that your barmates are sure to notice, if just so they can order one of their own.

Words simply do not do The Fuzz Milkshake IPA justice. This is a beer for the ages.

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