Sasquatch Stout

The Sasquatch is one of those bottles of beer where we just had to take a second look. The labeling’s dark palette combines the image of a haunt-worthy forest with the elusive creature staring back, almost as if it were issuing a challenge towards those worthy of picking up this beer.

The stout is described as coffee, chocolate and mystery. It playfully describes the Sasquatch as a name that sends shivers down the spines of even grizzled men. The marketing is also clever, teasing its audience that at least with this Sasquatch, you’ll have the opportunity to experience it more than once. Old Yale also provides some description of the hop-to-malt level within: scaled at three out of five hops (Magnum) and five out of five malts (2-row pale, oats, roast and chocolate).

What we really enjoyed was how accurate the description was. Picking up the beer, we could immediately smell the chocolate overtones backed up by a subtle hint of coffee. The relationship reverses on the first sip, we were greeted by the strong taste of coffee, while the chocolate tip-toes behind. The taste is definitely more dark cocoa than milk chocolate, more espresso than double-double. But the sweetness sneaks through, thanks to the generous roasted malts in the stout.

This is a pitch-black beer, but it’s also an easy-drinking one that won’t leave you with a full stomach before you get a good buzz. It would truly be a shame if Sasquatch was anything like its real-life counterpart, elusive, only captured in blurry photos, and faked the country over: thankfully, this Sasquatch wants to be found and enjoyed.

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