Fresh-Hopped Saison

What a festive, Christmas beer! This is the Fresh-Hopped Saison from Category 12 Brewing and boy, are we excited. The packaging is attractive, seasonal and speaks to a love for beer science not commonly seen even among BC’s distinguished craft brews.

We love the description. This bad boy is made with Cashmere and Ultra hops, picked fresh in the morning, before being brewed in the afternoon. The consistency! There’s even a suggested serving temperature: 6 degrees Celsius. If there’s such thing as a lab-derived, precisely made beer, this Saison would likely make the cut.

The aromas are sharp and fill the senses with that bit of spice and zest familiar to lovers of Saisons. The taste is sharp, at first surprisingly so, before the hoppy follow comes through to remind you that the sweet, delicious beverage you’re enjoying is still very much a classic beer.

Crisp would be one way to describe it. But that’s only part of the picture. The Fresh-Hopped Saison is bursting with flavour, its fresh ingredients shining through and combining with the overall experience to provide a drink that’s tough to beat.

This beer is tasty, it’s locally sourced from Chilliwack hops, it’s lovingly prepared, and perfectly executed. Albeit a seasonal beer, this is a drink we at Great Beer Canada definitely would not mind having year round!

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