Stay Gold El Dorado Dry-Hopped Oat Pale Ale


Stay Gold PB! This is the El Dorado Dry-Hopped Oat Pale Ale from Powell Brewery, and we love the name for its playful nod to one of the most memorable phrases from Susan Hinton’s 1967 literary hit, The Outsiders.

The bottle’s labelling isn’t the most creative, considering it’s just Powell Brewery’s logo in a lovely shade of gold, but boy does it catch the eye. The beer’s aromas are fruity, sweet, like walking by a blooming garden in the spring.

From the smell alone, we expected a punch of hops as we took our first sips, but it would seem the road to El Dorado is not as rocky as we thought. This is a surprisingly easy-drinking pale ale, and to be honest, a small sip draws many similarities to a nice, single malt scotch.

There are subtle woody flavours that come through, the beer is extremely smooth, contains hints of fruit, with just the slightest notes of bitter that all come together to provide a very satisfying experience.

What a great beer. If there’s ever an adventure to El Dorado, it’ll sure be an experience to make the world jealous — so long as a case or two of these beauties from Powell Brewery are brought along.

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