West Coast Pale Ale

As the sun sets over the horizon, its lazy orange glow still visible just beyond the crest of a hill, you hear the crackles of the campfire and allow its warmth to wash over you, embracing the very moment. It’s a scene straight from our idea of a perfect West Coast summer’s eve, and it also happens to be the backdrop of the very attractive label wrapped around Postmark’s West Coast Pale Ale.

This Pale Ale knows its audience. Its description is “West Coast in a bottle,” with a “fresh citrus-floral aroma, gentle copper colour, and a soft malty finish.” It’s a beer that wants to be enjoyed in the same way that West Coasters enjoy the province’s natural beauty.

The beer smells sweet, malty, with just enough smokiness to put smiles on our faces. And oh the taste! Such a melange of flavours. There’s that deep, rich, roasted malt, followed by the subtle flavours of that American Ale yeast, topped with that smooth, distinct taste of German hops.

The West Coast Pale Ale is a beer that knows how to make a statement. It’s light, like a session ale, but full flavoured at the same time like a proper pale ale should be. You’re meant to have more than one, but at the same time, the beer also wants you to enjoy and savour every sip. Like almost everything else on the West Coast, there’s no rush. Just enjoy.

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