The Last Strawberry Wit

“Contains fresh strawberries. Keep refrigerated.” This simple instruction printed on Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks’ The Last Strawberry witbier immediately sets the tone. This stuff’s fresh, natural, and so unlike other beers that you’re required to treat it as a perishable drink. Like a great dish, the real beauty in this beer’s approach is how it keeps things simple: focus on the strawberries, let that ingredient come through, and don’t overwhelm it with other flavours.

The first thing you’ll notice is the labelling. Fuggles & Warlock has chosen a palette full of pinks, artfully done in the image of a woman delicately lifting a single, perfect strawberry to her nose, as if the treasure in her palms truly was the Last Strawberry in the world.

And if our taste buds are correct, Fuggles & Warlock means it: there’s no need for a second version of their strawberry beer. It’s simply delicious, refreshing, like a perfect merger of strawberry lemonade and fizzy beer in one awesome package. It’s rare that a fruit-infused drink actually tastes like you’ve just taken a bite out of the fruit itself. When you take a sip, there’s almost an anticipation that you’ll find strawberry seeds at the bottom. It’s that unreal!

Fuggles and Warlock has nailed it with The Last Strawberry. This beer’s unique and it’s memorable. Even magical, perhaps.

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