Sublime Pineapple Hefeweizen

The Sublime Pineapple Hefeweizen from Moody Ales is a beer that knows how to treat itself right. Even before you pop the bottle, this beer wants you to get to know it. Its tasting notes suggests you’ll get a hint of banana, clove, pineapple, some sort of stone fruit (think plums, peaches) and bread. And then it wants you take a trip to the grocery store, because it’s the kind of beer that likes to pick the food it’s paired with! Maui ribs. Tacos al pastor (Lebanese-inspired tacos). Nachos and salsa. Oh, and it wants to enjoy all this in the sun.

Based on its tastes, we like this beer already.

But enough of the preamble. We popped the bottle and immediately, whiffs of fruit, malt and an acidic tinge come through. The first sip is crisp, with a little bit of tang that makes the beer taste colder than its real temperature would suggest. Definitely a summer beer, and also a beer that knows how to perk up the mood!

Often, hefeweizen beers can overwhelm the tastes by being too sweet, tasting too much like fruit. But despite what you’d assume about the Sublime Pineapple Hefeweizen, its flavours are subtle enough that you never think of this beer as anything but the perfect thirst quencher. It’s easy drinking, it’s one of those beers you get thirsty for, and there’s no better way to say this, this beer knows it tastes good. And it wants to be enjoyed.

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