Nectarous Dry-Hopped Sour

It smells fantastic. Like a little bit of pear, mixed with orange and a little something else indescribable. This is the Nectarous Dry-Hopped Sour, a delightful brew that uses fruit esters to bring out its flavours. And this brewing method results in one of the most invigorating aromas we have ever smelled in a craft-brew.

The addition of esters is a type of brewing method involving an alcohol and acidic reaction to add a fruity flavour and smell, all without using actual fruit. It’s a smell that, when added properly like the folks at Four Winds Brewing Co. have done, is absolutely phenomenal.

The colours are also wonderful. A beautiful pale gold, so cloudy that you’d think there were real chunks of fruit within. It just works so well.

This is a proper sour beer. The first sip hits you like a sour candy in the most pleasant way, with a distinctive backdrop of sweetness that helps balance out the flavours. The sourness is never overwhelming, just present enough to complement the fact that you’re still drinking a beer, but at the same time never seeming too much like a cider. It’s the perfect addition, and helps keep the beer tasting crisp as that golden liquid works its way into the belly.

This is craft beer done right.


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