Dark Matter

It smells like a stout, it looks like a stout, but it’s mischievously undefined. This is the Dark Matter by Hoyne Brewing Co., and its description pays homage to the hypothetical matter most commonly found in just about every science fiction story involving interstellar space. We’ve all heard of it, yet no one quite knows what it’s made of, or how to define it.

Its labelling is equally mysterious. A dark landscape with a night sky backdrop, the words Dark Matter splashed across the sky like a series of constellations. It reaches out into space, inviting its beholders into its galactic realm.

Thankfully, this Dark Matter brew is a little closer to Earth. Made with filtered water, malted barley, choice hops and yeast, Hoyne prides this beer as a mildly hoppy production with roasted malts. Its aroma, like so many great dark beers, is distinctly chocolate, a thought only reinforced as we took our first sips.

But despite its deep flavours, this beer is easy drinking and eludes that wonderful cream-like coffee flavour. It’s delightfully familiar, and we think most purveyors of fine stouts will find themselves right at home when sipping on the Dark Matter.

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