Dude Chilling Pale Ale

What a tribute! Dude Chilling Pale Ale is named after something of an inside joke for those of us who live in Vancouver. The label says it all. It’s a sign. Specifically, a sign that’s supposed to say Guelph Park. Just an inner city park in the city, unremarkable to most who pass by. Then some guy in Vancouver decided to replace it with a sign that said “Dude Chilling Park” one day, and a legend was born.

This is the Dude Chilling Pale Ale from R&B Brewing Co. Its aromas are citrus and floral, hoppy for a pale ale. This thing tastes suspiciously like a summer bitter, but made even more pleasant with lots of citrus, grape flavours. A definite twist on a classic pale ale. A hop forward, even.

This is the kind of beer that makes you think of just relaxing, chilling and hanging out at a park. It’s unassuming. When you take a sip, this pale ale’s deep flavours make the tongue tingle, and they linger just long enough before leaving you wanting some more. It’s refreshing. Thirst quenching. And oh so enjoyable.

So go ahead and grab yourselves some Dude Chilling Pale Ale. It’s a heck of a chill beer.

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