Nutty Uncle Peanut Butter Stout

Everyone knows one. You know, that uncle who’s always at every family function, who’s a little different from the rest of the family. If you had to choose a word to describe him? Nutty. Maybe.

It turns out the folks at Dead Frog Brewing knows a nutty uncle as well. He’s apparently a redhead with a bearded mane fine enough to make him a worthy competitor to ole Saint Nick, especially while rockin’ that Christmas sweater.

The Nutty Uncle Peanut Butter Stout is an odd beer. We’ll give it that. At its heart, it’s a nice, strong stout that bills itself as “silky smooth” with cocoa beans and that magic ingredient: peanut butter.

I know what you’re thinking, but the combination works. It’s like drinking a mouthful of chocolate, and the peanut butter is so subtle that it’s a complementary flavour that simply hits all the right notes.

It’s sugary. Sweet like milk chocolate. Almost no flavour of hops whatsoever. It’s simply so different, but yet fits so well alongside the many fine stouts BC’s craft beer industry produces. It’s a nutty uncle who not only fits in with the family, but stands out among them as one of the best.

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