It smells like a stout, it looks like a stout, but it’s mischievously undefined. This is the Dark Matter by Hoyne Brewing Co., and its description pays homage to the hypothetical matter most commonly found in just about every science fiction story involving interstellar space. We’ve all heard of it,Read More →

Strong like the current of the sea, this is the Riptide Rye IPA. A classic, true to the roots beer that harkens the call of the oceans, with its deep, complex flavours that are full of twists and turns. The bottle’s branding is absolutely nautical. The Riptide from Britannia BrewingRead More →

Hang on to your beers, The Fuzz is here! This Milkshake IPA from Bridge Brewing comes in a brown bottle with a modern-looking, orange and black labelled bottle, with a distinct bar code in the shape of a bridge. Very cool. The first thing we noticed was how Bridge BrewingRead More →

This week, we’re taking a closer look at the Grapefruit IPA from 4 Mile Brewing Co, proudly brewed in View Royal, BC. At first glance, we couldn’t help but notice how minimalist the label was. A simple grapefruit graphic on top of some text containing the beer’s name, its alcoholRead More →

It doesn’t get more Canadian than this. The Toques of Hazzard Imperial White IPA from Parallel 49 Brewing Company prides itself as “just a good ol’ beer.” In proper Canadian tradition, this playful brew is strong, coming in at a 9.2% alc/vol. The shameless nod to the Duke Boys isRead More →

The first thing you’ll notice about the Base Camp West Coast Pale (Ale) is its label. Brought to you from Fernie Brewing Company in, you guessed it, Fernie BC, this pale ale caught our eyes as soon as we saw it. The label is bold. Orange and dark turquoise, anRead More →

As the sun sets over the horizon, its lazy orange glow still visible just beyond the crest of a hill, you hear the crackles of the campfire and allow its warmth to wash over you, embracing the very moment. It’s a scene straight from our idea of a perfect WestRead More →

What a tribute! Dude Chilling Pale Ale is named after something of an inside joke for those of us who live in Vancouver. The label says it all. It’s a sign. Specifically, a sign that’s supposed to say Guelph Park. Just an inner city park in the city, unremarkable toRead More →